Ducks Unlimited, Pachama, and PERENfra Join Forces to Create High-Quality US-Based Reforestation Project, Flyway Forests

November 08, 2023 04:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ducks Unlimited (DU), the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving North America’s wetland and grassland habitats, is working together with Pachama, a technology company harnessing satellite imagery, remote-sensing, and artificial intelligence to restore nature to solve climate change, and PERENfra, an industry-leading infrastructure owner/operator focused on sustainable development, to reforest multiple private properties along the Mississippi River Valley in a new program called Flyway Forests.

Flyway Forests will comprise at least 3,000 acres distributed across several private properties in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Arkansas. The initial phase includes four distinct properties spanning 1,400 acres in Mississippi. Phase two will include reforesting an additional 1,600 acres in 2024. Flyway Forests will restore agricultural lands to original bottomland hardwood forests using native tree species adapted for the specific climatic conditions of the Mississippi River Valley. Flyway Forests will benefit local landholders by offering compensation for placing parts of their properties into a permanent conservation easement. In addition, the project will promote water conservation and offer numerous benefits to local biodiversity by restoring forest connectivity, which benefits migratory songbirds, waterfowl, and species of concern, including the Louisiana Black Bear. Combined, the initial 3,000 acre project will capture approximately 400,000 tons of Co2e over 40 years.

Ducks Unlimited brings years of expertise in restoring the Mississippi River Valley’s bottomland hardwood forests. DU identifies suitable sites, enrolls landowners, designs restoration plans, and oversees tree planting. DU will visit the properties annually and conduct adaptive management until the trees are well-established. Conservation easements will be held in perpetuity by the Wetlands America Trust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DU, ensuring durable and long-lasting conservation benefits.

Technology company Pachama will quantify the project’s environmental impact using the latest advancements in satellite imagery and remote sensing and then commercialize the project’s carbon credits through Pachama Originals, a portfolio of technology-enabled reforestation and forest conservation projects. Initial project investment comes from PERENfra, a US-based firm focused on long-term essential infrastructure in the water sector.

Speaking on the nature of the partnership, Dr. Karen Waldrop, Chief Conservation Officer for Ducks Unlimited, said, “DU has vast experience in reforestation. Our programs are built on a solid foundation of science and provide an array of co-benefits in addition to carbon reductions, including supporting biodiversity, recreation, and improving water quality. Conservation efforts like the Flyway Forests program depend on strong partnerships. Working with partners like Pachama and PERENfra allows for a greater impact on wildlife, water quality, and people than any one of us could have alone.” Echoing Waldrop’s sentiments, Pachama CEO Diego Saez Gil noted, “Strong partnerships like these are essential to bring about the next generation of reforestation projects. When we can harness the technology, expertise, and funding necessary to catalyze these projects, we’ll deliver value back to small and large landholders, protect local wildlife, and reduce carbon, all with transparent, measurable outcomes along the way.” PERENfra CEO Jeff Nelson added, “This project and partnership is an excellent example of how we can implement natural solutions to benefit local stakeholders while conserving water and facilitating a positive long-term environmental impact for the area. We look forward to future collaborations with Ducks Unlimited and Pachama.”

The Flyway Forests partnership is considering corporate offtake partners to acquire the rights to Flyway Forests’ future carbon credits. Interested parties can contact Pachama at

About Ducks Unlimited:

Ducks Unlimited Inc. is the world’s largest nonprofit organization dedicated to conserving North America’s continually disappearing wetland and grassland habitats. Established in 1937, Ducks Unlimited has restored or protected more than 16 million acres thanks to contributions from more than a million supporters across the continent. Guided by science, DU’s projects benefit waterfowl, wildlife, and people in all 50 states. DU is growing its mission through a historic $3 billion Conservation For A Continent capital campaign, North America’s most extensive campaign dedicated to landscape conservation. Learn more at

About Pachama:

Pachama is a technology company on a mission to restore nature to solve climate change. Harnessing the latest advancements in satellite imagery, remote sensing, and artificial intelligence, Pachama evaluates the carbon stored in our forests and monitors forest growth over time. Pachama has two distinct pathways to help brands meet their climate targets today and create long-term strategies for the future. With Pachama Verified projects, companies can invest in existing high-quality forest conservation and restoration projects vetted by Pachama’s rigorous evaluation process. Through Pachama Originals, companies can start projects from the ground up, making catalytic investments in the next generation of tech-enabled forest carbon projects. For more information, visit

About PERENfra:

PERENfra invests in, acquires, develops, and operates essential water infrastructure with a core focus on sustainable development through long-term partnerships. Their assets allow their clients and partners to efficiently manage the water life cycle sustainably. Led by a team of experts with more than 100 years of combined experience in the water sector, PERENfra is focused on ensuring water quality, conservation, and accessibility across the United States. Learn more at


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